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Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising can prove to be an excellent media format, especially when planned in conjunction with other media, such as Outdoor, Transport or TV.

We can use targeted planning to reach specific audience age groups and demographic groups in specific locations. Due to so many stations now being available to listen to all areas, we can identify specific types of audience with a specific show or station using the latest Rajar (research) data to maximize the radio budget without wastage.
It also has the flexibility to be an immediate media, ideal for last minute sale advertising and also weekend event style promotions that can be heavily weighted close to the date to give maximum impact.

Listening hours are increasing all the time with digital radio becoming more and more popular. On demand radio channels via Apps and Podcast downloads are all adding to an increase in radio audiences. Having said that, Live radio still accounts for 74% of all radio consumption, with 38% od all listening now being on devices other than radios.

We can also be very creative with content, engaging the audiences with imaginative story lead commercials, music idents to help with brand positioning.

Flexible, targeted and creative radio certainly helps many of our exisiting advertisers gain an advantage over competitors and will continue to be an important part of their media mix.



The most powerful and influential advertising media a business can ever use. Captivating and creative advert production is the key to successful advertising partnered with targeted and repetitive airtime slots driving your advertising message into the subconscious mind on the viewer.



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