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6 Sheet Posters

6 sheets are situated on the busiest high streets and commuter roads across the UK.

6 sheet sites have been proven to deliver high recall and recognition rates of advertising messages.

High dwell time in malls- Average time shopping is 178 minutes

Size:1.7m X 1.1m.


• Roadside
• City center pedestrian
• Bus shelter
• Rail
• Mall
• Supermarket
• Airport
• Petrol stations
• Convenience stores


48 sheet billboards

Large format space to communicate your brand, products or services to your desired audience, and generate awareness. 48 sheet billboards primarily target motorists and passengers but also provide exposure to pedestrians, reaching even more audiences!

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96 sheet billboards

Provide gigantic impact that cannot be ignored; the exposure will be optimised as a result of the size, creating an atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression. 96 sheet billboards are positioned by busy roadsides and on the underground tube, reaching all audiences from motorists and their passengers, to pedestrians using public transport.

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