Taxi Advertising

Taxi advertising

An excellent tool for reaching audiences where bus and billboards simply can’t reach, high city and urban reach, taxi’s spend 95% of their time in the city centres.

Cost effective advertising located in high footfall areas perfect for repeat message advertising.

Proven marketing tool to communicate your brand, products or services to your desired audience at street level.
High dwell time with a captive audience when coupled with internal advertising.
Fantastic advertising tool to influence buyer behaviour. 

Create an eye-catching promotion for your brand along the full length of the vehicle.

You can’t fail to notice a full wrapped taxi with bright, eye catching vinyl’s displaying your message.

Deliver massive reach that is great value for money, used for branding, offers and web traffic. 

Short or long term campaigns, extremely flexible.

Proven ROI (return on investment) for high street brands and local companies alike. 

Whatever you’re promoting and whoever you want to get your message to, let us make sure you get the best response by choose the best types of formats for you.


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