Bus Advertising

Advertising on buses is the only way to run a truly national advertising campaign – research shows 30 million people have seen advertising on the outside of a Bus in the last week.

A proven format delivering a high recall of message advertising as a result of repeated brand exposure by daily commuters. 

In 2011, Kinetic Bus research showed that Bus advertising is favoured over bus shelter / bus stop advertising with consumers. In fact, Bus advertising came out top across every measure, including: differentiating the product from its competitors, being more memorable, driving you into particular stores, being able to see the advert on the high street, and prompting you to go and buy the product.

Bus is capable of delivering a range of marketing communication objectives. So whether you’re driving brand awareness, promoting an offer, launching a new product or looking for a direct response, or indeed all of these things, Bus advertising can communicate your message to a large and valuable audience, quickly and affordably.

Source: The London Commuter, TGI, The Road to Enlightenment

Bus Superside Advertising

T sides

The most premium traditional bus format which has become synonymous with the medium and is instantly recognisable on the high street.


Reach above the cluttered high street to demand pedestrians’ attention and deliver your message. Help drive spontaneous purchase and increase awareness in your brand’s sphere of influence..

Bus Rear Advertising


Talking directly to motorists, the rear format ensures that clients reach a vehicular audience when they have the time to read and absorb the ad content.  Located on all buses, this high dwell time site attracts attention from consumers as they follow it down the road and around our cities and towns. 

Rears allow clients to have a one-to-one communication with their target audience and are the ideal medium to interact with consumers in their personal space.

Bus Passenger Panels

Proven call to action medium capturing high dwell time and a proven welcome distraction to passengers. A proven format delivering a high recall of message advertising as a result of repeated brand exposure by daily commuters. 

Within the various size offerings that bus advertising provide, there are different ranges of visual opportunities to help maximise your impact, exposure and reach.

Whatever you’re promoting and whoever you want to get your message to, let us make sure you get the best response by choose the best types of formats for you.

Unlike many other media planning agencies we don’t charge for our campaign media planning, no hidden costs just simple free advice to all clients big or small.


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